Can machines understand text?

No, but Sherlock can instantly generate Concept Maps from texts, in any language!

What does it do? Who's it for?

So what is Sherlock's 411 on Concept Maps?

Here's the original page

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There's the concept map, with key words suggesting others,

The suggestions follow the flow, but why does "Novak" suggest "Knowledge"? We can zoom in for more words and connections if it doesn't become plain from the attached suggestions.

backed by evidence, and served with drill down suggestions.

Now we see why 'Novak' suggests 'Knowledge' in this context, he did the heavy lift at Cornell in the 70's.

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A Concept Map about Concept Maps!

Produced by Morgan State University to describe the benefits of the approach. Their website has a very readable tutorial available, in which they spell out guidelines for the manual production of maps. Sherlock follows them, and is, as far as known, the first autonomous process on the planet to do so.

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Check out the video to see how Sherlock helps you quickly find key evidence in the World's biggest encyclopedia. Why not click on the link for a test drive?!


With such awesome search power at your fingertips you will soon collect many gems! Diigo users know the value of tags and bookmarks, 

Sherlock has them covered! See how the user gets to  organise their thoughts, and get back to the underlying texts

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Watch Google being scan searched, no ads, straight to the point. Meta Google is right here! Click the link to check it out.

Sherlock monitors News & Social Media

The Tweets of Donald Trump

A unique insight into the mind of the world's  most famous Tweeter. Automatic update.

Sherlock distils the news, Google  translates

Extending news gathering past the language constraints of the analyst or reporter. Check out these archive examples in Chrome, Arabic and Russian

 #UK Conservatives

Automated search for the common themes expressed by the UK's largest party on Twitter.

 #UK Labour

The main UK opposition party's Tweets, and the themes therein. Both UK lists by Tweetminster.

The wider angle..

Mining text for ideas?

It may sound odd to think of an idea as something that can be found in text, but that is how we store and transfer ideas. We package them in sequential nested chunks that make them easier to digest. Once the packaging is removed the patterns emerge, as words that are frequently seen together to denote the underlying idea.

The word "idea" is derived from old Greek that means "to have seen". If you want to hear how noticing coincidences formed the original notion of 'idea', and how it remains central to Cognitive Science, check out this podcast from Oxford's Bettany Hughes

Ethical by design

Sherlock finds the common ideas that bind groups together, and needs no further information than the words written. 

The process is easily explained, and fully traceable, because the answers are in the sources, verbatim.

It doesn't need, use,  or store private data. Privacy is baked into the design.

Always up to date

If an earthquake occurs, or a new political sensation invades the press, new names will baffle supervised text-mining techniques. Sherlock works from a list of what to ignore, so new stuff gets handled automatically, just so long as it is frequent.


Sherlock has been tried on more than thirty languages, including Arabic and Russian. It is completely grammar agnostic, and will work on any language, human or computer, for which a stop word list can be provided.


Sherlock tries to be as autonomous as possible, requiring just two parameters, how robust the patterns need to be. and how many words will be enough.  For example, the survey takes 75% pattern confidence, and 20 words

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